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Schools history

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Translation by mgr Agnieszka Kryczek

The history of school

The Roździeński Complex of Schools nr 1 in Sosnowiec is at present the name of the Secondary School Nr 1 (Liceum nr 1) and the Junior High School Nr 11 (Gimnazjum nr 11). The secondary school was formed in 1948.
In the beginning (to 1952) the school was under the care of the Company of Friends of Children (Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dzieci). Then, the children had to spend 7 years in a primary school and 4 years in a secondary school. The secondary school was named Roździeński in 1964.
This name was given in view of the school’s location near the steelworks “Buczek”, the Fakop factory and the coal mine Sosnowiec. Walenty Roździeński was a poet – metallurgist. His work “Officina ferraria abo huta I warstat z kuźniami szlachetnego dzieła żelaznego” describes the life and work of metallurgists.
In years 1978-1988 the students of the Secondary School were in one building together with the students of the medical school. The separation of the schools was in 1988 because of the need of the sudden renovation of the Primary School Nr 16 and the necessity of providing education to younger students near their place of residence.
From 1988 to 1999 the Roździeński Secondary School was the separate and developing school. The school was modernized (e.g. foreign languages were introduced into school subjects).
In 1999 on account of the education system reform the Junior High School Nr 11 (Gimnazjum) was formed. The Complex of Schools has been existing since 2000.